Li Xi’s rebellious works – “Search”

Event: 8 October 09 - 31 October 09

It is easier to say what Li Xi’s works want to rebel against, rather than to say what they want to be. The artist, who comes from an academic background, has confronted the internet world and, conquered by its psychedelic, fascinating and yet illusory realm, has yielded to its unending possibilities. His canvasses express contradictory feelings which, while looking to the graffiti tradition, keep a distance from them, and tend to be a visual diary of his daily virtual ‘interactions’ on the net. Subversion, chaos, seduction, glamour, uneasiness, mental disorder, together with quotations from the current culture and society, are all juxtaposed as stylised symbols in his acrylics. Words and numbers refer to images, people and feelings that tend to overlap and overwhelm the artist’s control, almost to the point of driving him mad. Only the ‘cooling’ process of translating all these into pictorial language can rescue him from the exclusive, narcissistic, auto-referential world of the web.

Monica Dematté
August 2009

Viewing: Wednesday to Saturday 12:00 to 18:00

Li Xi, Search nr 27
oil on canvas, 210 x 300 cm, 2009